Over 21
Awesome Flavors
Create yourLip balm
Interactive Lip Balm Dispensers for Theme Parks, Gift Shops, FECs and Event Planners
Watch to Discover How the Lip Labz Dispensers Work

Each Refill Ships With 40 Lip Labz Tubes

The Collectors Ring Activates The Machine

Free Standing,
Wall Mounting
or Full Station Stands
  • Holds Any 3 Flavors
  • Connect Many Machines to Create a Store
  • Easy Drop-In-Top Refilling
  • Easy to Swap Flavors
  • Internal Reservoir for Non-Stop Use
  • Fully Enclosed Pouring Area
  • Holds 80 Tubes in Rack
  • Precision Electric Valves Auto Stop to Control Overfilling
  • Precision Temperature Controllers Ser to 59.8 Deg C
  • Brightly LED Illuminated
  • LED Indicators for Ready to Serve, Refill and Pouring
  • Wall-Mount or Free-standing
  • 12'' W, 6'' D, 33" H; 20lbs (empty)
  • Body Construction Rigid peteg, Steel joints & Aluminum
  • Povered By 12VDC Adapter Included
  • Proudly Made In Canada

Welcome To Lip Labz

Create Your Own Lip Balm Stations!

Lip Labz was the brainstorm of Adina and Ryan in 2008. Out of their garage they created a make-on-the-spot lip balm station. Guests could mix and match any of the 12 flavors offered to make their own unique creation.

The concept was spun out of the idea that everyone loves ice cream. Adina and Ryan took the mix and match frozen yogurt flavors to the world of lip balm. Just like you can mix your strawberry and banana frozen yogurt, why not mix your favorite flavors in a lip balm!

Their success was overwhelming, kids and adults of all ages loved it. Over the years the create-your-own lip balm station has evolved to a guest operated version.

Now these create-your-own lip balm stations sell all over the world to theme parks, event planners and one of a kind gift shops!

Lip Labz took something most people use every day and made it fun!

Interactivia Incorporated Lip Labz

Toll Free : (888) 487-9213
International : (416) 901-1400
Fax-Free : (866) 588-1473

E-mail : fun@liplabz.com

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